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Office Wallpaper Trends for 2019

Transforming dull walls with this year’s most iconic Office Wallpaper Trends

Our office areas are a fluid space- one that requires business, creativity, motivation, and thought. Modern offices cater to modern employees, and they know that we are a product of our surroundings. People want to work, live and play in dynamic spaces!

The demands on these dynamic spaces make them a perfect canvas for wallpaper; think beaches scenes for quiet time, high impact visuals to inspire creativity in boardrooms, or grand masterpieces in the reception to showcase your successes- wallpaper can do it all!

Your office is a direct image of you, so why not make your walls shout “style”. A motivated work force. Impressed clients and a happy boss. Now that’s how we want to work! Discover our top picks for office wallpaper trends in 2019, and transform dull, lifeless walls!



Create a custom mural that speaks a thousand words… on your business mission and vision! This dynamic left/right brain challenges the conventional, and uses colour and concept to drive creativity! Alternatively, a custom collage of words and pictures is a great way to showcase your business skills and goals.


High impact, high value; this beautifully colourful office wallpaper attracts attention for all the right reasons! Perfect for reception or waiting areas, this mural shouts “We love what we do!”


Turn your office into something other than all work with this striking skull mural! Artistic, simple and effective; a unique mural in the work space like this will get your work force on the creative page.


Turn your vision board into a work of art with these large-scale murals. Perfectly depicting any scene that matches your journey, these immersive scenes transform office spaces into global arenas.

Create spaces as dynamic as your business, and say goodbye to conventional corporate design with our office wallpaper solutions! We offer professional advice, custom solutions, and unlimited possibilities! For more ideas, visit Shutterstock or contact us directly for any questions!

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