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Living Room Wallpaper Trends for 2019

Transforming dull walls with this year’s most iconic Living Room Wallpaper Trends

Livings rooms are often the heart of a home, a central point for loved ones to meet, share, and entertain. Your living rooms should reflect your heart, beating to the rhythm of your soul.

This is a space where we want to feel energized, vivacious and at ease- and there is no better decor tool to achieve this than with wallpaper. Wallpaper sets the statement of your home, and can be used to create stunning backdrops on feature walls behind the couch, or subtle patterns that contain your TV wall.

Using wallpaper in your living room is a great opportunity to display your full design might, and when it comes to “bragging rights” the living room is the best place to start! Find your statement with our top picks of living rooms wallpaper trends for 2019!



This gorgeous geode backdrop adds decadent texture and an opulent air to your living room, working beautifully with metallic accents. The deep layering and natural tones create an immersive visual that wows.

Marble, geodes and natural stone works well in living rooms areas, and can be used as a large-scale mural that dominates the living room, or on smaller walls for a subtle but striking effect.


Embrace the monochrome geometric pattern! This seamless pattern structures the whole room, seamlessly holding together the space without dominating.

Beautifully paired with soft, neutral colours or wooden textures, light monochromatic geometric patterns work well in any space with natural light.


Beautifully serene, this botanical living room wallpaper uses its dark base to create contrast and mood within your space. Muted tones of green and yellows are reminiscent of vintage trends, but modernised through larger-than-life print.

Filled with character and ambiance; dark, busy prints create an experience, working with large or small spaces.


A much-loved favourite, natural stone has to feature as a top living room wallpaper trend! Temptingly textured, this rough cement wallpaper adds instant intrigue, transforming the feel of the space.

Suited to large or small spaces, this cement wallpaper works with light and shadow to create an illusion that creates tangible change!


Who says Art needs to stay framed- why not use the whole wall as your canvas! This striking abstract portrait injects immediate warmth and personality into your living area, adding statement without being overbearing

Large format singular prints work well to define an area, delegating the space a purpose.

Say goodbye to boring walls and transform your living room with wallpaper! We offer professional advice, custom solutions, and unlimited possibilities! For more ideas, visit Shutterstock or contact us directly for any questions!

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